Places Around Junagadh


Sasan Gir: Located 54 km from Junagadh is a the only home for Asiatic lions the sanctuary is open from October to June.


Somnath Temple: Located 80 km from Junagadh this ancient temple is the first of the twelve ‘Jotir Lingas’ of lord Shiva.


Dwarka Temple: Located 210 km from Junagadh is the famous temple of Dwarka the kingdom of Lord Krishana.It is one of the four major pilgrimage for the Hindus.


Diu: Located 190 km from Junagadh is historic island with beautiful churches and beaches. It was a portugal colony till 1960.


Tulsishyam: Located 120 km from Junagadh. Ancient temple is located here


Virpur Temple: 55 km from Junagadh is the Virpur Jalaram Temple a scared place of worship for the Hindu – Lohana community.


Porbandar: Located 120 km from Junagadh is the birth place of Mahatama Gandhi.