Visitors Information

There are many distinct languages and dialects in India; in the west, Gujarati is widely spoken. Road signs and directions are written in Gujarati and english.

The national currency is the rupee. It is divided into 100 paisas. Traveller’s cheques are easy to cash and some banks have ATM machines.


Geography: 21.52N 70.47 E


Summer months – March, April, May, June temperature can go upto 45 deg C.

Winter months – October, November, December, January, Febuary max temperature 32 deg C. and minimum temperature 8 deg C. – the best period to visit Junagadh

Monsoon months – June, July, August, September. Average rainfall 680 mm.

Travel Tips
Electricity is 230 volts /50 cycles. India is plus 5 1/2 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). During the winter months of December and January, warm clothes will be required particularly in the morning and evening. During autumn and spring, guests should pack light woolens for early morning and evenings with lighter clothing for the rest of the day. During the hot summer months it is recommended that guests wear light yet conservative attire. Guests should at all time travel with comfortable walking shoes and a wide-brimmed hat.